Our researches are applicable to all of the industrial fields of activity. They are designed in order to provide a specific solution to a specific situation. METALSCAN gets you the means to turn your project into a reality. To do so, our high qualified staff including a doctor engineer probated by the COFREND and the COSAC has:

  • Several inspection tanks
  • Phased array electronics (256 elements…)
  • Simulation tools (CIVA)
  • A research department included in an industrial process
  • The control of a transducer’s production line

Our approach:

  • Definition of the situation
  • Research
  • Simulation (CIVA)
  • Transducer’s and making and use
  • Tests
  • Production
  • Training

Thanks to our experience and our savoir-faire METALSCAN is able to build UT probes and systems to test them, to define the mode of operating, to qualify a method and can also write UT inspection procedures (RCCM, RSEM, CODAP, ASME…).

Specific UT probes examples

Phased array probes including:

  • Linear probes
  • Matric probes
  • Encircled probes
  • Annular sectorial array probes