MTS-PA-RT 10-55mm



Bars with diameter from 10 to 55 mm

Length :

Minimum 2,5 meters

Bending :

≤3mm/m, total bending limit ≤ 3 % with constant performances at +/-2.5dB
in dynamic conditions of speed and sensitivity mentioned

Material :

Round bars , carbon steels and alloys steels

Surface condition :

Rolled, straightened, chamfering and shot blasted

Focal laws calculations :

Metalscan Focal Laws Calculation Wizard integrated in Lineview Software

Data presentation :

LINEVIEW Software to manage the inspection bench and UT setup
Automatic management of the inspection parameters
Data and reporting saving
Cscan, Bscan, Ascan and Stripchart

PLC Control :

Up/down adjustment of the elevating table following diameter inspected
Paint markers integrated on the system
Filtration system

Detection performances :

LW Mode: typically FBH 0,7 mm and/or SDH 0,3×10 mm depending on the grade
SW Mode: typically notch 0,3×0,3×10 mm depending the surface condition

Number of probes :

1 set of 3 probes for the LW and SW CW/CCW modes for all the range

Max speed :

Up to 0.5 m/s (FBH) depending on the diameter and type of defects inspected

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